Considerations When Hiring Other People For Your Website Marketing

We have hired people locally, and from many different parts of the world. It was an expensive learning curve.

Here is what we learned:

  • You can hire people to do research and write content, but in actuality ONLY someone intimately familiar with your audience can connect with them. We pay people to go do market and competition research with specific instructions. We then write content ourselves unless we have trained someone by paying THEM to do audience research themselves. Only then do they know who they are talking to when writing content for that audience.
  • Get examples of someones previous work
  • Ask them to write something new for you, a Facebook post and a short blog of say 400 words so you can ascertain their raw skills
  • Make sure they are fluent in the language you want them to write in. The example above is one way to determine how they actual fluency is
  • Have a meeting with them virtually face to face over the internet (e.g. Skype) or in person
  • They MUST be able to write in a way that sounds natural and familiar to your audience. • Don’t leave them to it. You need to give them guidance so they know what you expect and to make tasks easier and clearer for them. The clearer you are, the quicker they will pick up what you want them to do
  • If hiring outside your country, be aware of their statutory or religious holidays and when they need time away from work
  • Allow them time to learn – don’t expect miracles right away
  • Keep track of what they do by adding time tracking to their scheduling spreadsheet
  • Use online sharing so you can see their progress online, e.g. Google docs or Google sheets
  • It’s better to pay someone who is efficient well, than pay peanuts to someone slow – you do get what you pay for!
  • Help them use systems to be efficient, like setting a start and finish time, to keep them on task.

We use BeezContent for content writing. Cedric is a fantastic writer, and he knows the importance of research before writing.

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