Quick Facebook Checklist

Facebook Posting Checklist


To build social reach outwards from existing clients and attract new likes/followers from other sources. Use Facebook to find existing and new clients to share the experience with using media to give a multi-dimensional snapshot of what you offer. 

It is also an opportunity to link to your best content, and hopefully other websites will too.


Create engaging interactive content that engages new clients through multimedia with use of popular #hashtags.


  • Research popular trending travel related #hashtag topics, find other websites using these and like, contribute and comment on their pages. Offer content to big sites who want quality images and content to post. Comment on their content.
  • Look for topics our clients are interested in and create connective content between your site and theirs. Contribute to these pages with positive comments interacting with potential audiences.
  • Include #tags in content in content on our pages and other sites for your niches and on external facebook pages.
  • These should be used EXTENSIVELY on bigger Facebook pages we have previously liked.
  • Write a series of articles that your post to your blog and also on article sites, post these on Facebook with popular #hashtags.
  • Consider adding Facebook comments to your blog or disqus.


  • Images – good quality pictures and videos
  • Add # hashtags
  • Add URL where appropriate
  • Comment on other posts
  • Contribute to other peoples pages with helpful relevant content
  • Link to helpful content on your website

Use statements including phrases like:

  • How to
  • Why people
  • You could
  • If you
  • Ways to
  • Top reasons to
  • Tops reasons why
  • Why it’s
  • Things to consider
  • Important thing to remember is

Include most important points for your audience and topic, be helpful and knowledgeable at the same time.

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